Are some personality type´s better team leaders than others?

At the Teamhouse, we have been curious about what traits we want the perfect team leader to have. So, we started to ask around. And our finding are that there are some traits we definitely would like to see in a team leader. 

What is the perfect algorithm to predict what personality type is the best team leader? Google tried to find the perfect algorithm on how to put together the best team. They learned that this was not a quick fix. It´s the same with team leadership. Leadership is complex, yet simple. People are led by people. How hard can It be? That might be the reason it´s hard.  People are people and we have our preferences. If you are a team leader, employee, CEO, or even a bord member. We tent to behave according to our preferences. Since a preference are our preferred way of doing things, thinking about things and perceive things, we will have an infinite number of variations of possible leadership styles. 

In the "old" days a leader was the stout, purposeful, hard and clear type who showed action. People was something they had to deal with. Over the last years we have seen a change or shift in leadership styles. 

Type theory have been used for century's trying to help us understand human behavior. We can go all the way back to Empedocles in 444 B.C to find the theory based on the four elements flames, earth, air and water. Empedocles believed that people seemed to act in four different ways, and that it was external environmental factors that influenced the way we acted. The Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung published his book psychological types in 1921. In the book he presents his theory on typology. Carl Jung´s work have been widely used since then, and many have developed their personality tools based on this work. 

At the Teamhouse we have developed the "teamtype" evaluator based on Carl Jungs work. In our teamtype model we use Jungs attitude functions extraversion and introversion, the judging functions thinking and feeling and the perceiving functions sensing and intuition. We have four main types where every type is split in two.

  The Sensing Driving Force (EST) The Intuitive Driving Force (ENT) The Intuitive Team Player (ENF) The Sensing Team Player (ESF) The Intuitive Value Driver (INF) The Sensing Value Driver (ISF) The Sensing Considerer (IST) The Intuitive Considerer (INT)

All the types are a combination of traits, as it is within type theory. So, are you keen to see the type our test group rated highest?

Is it the intuitive Driving Force, that set direction, look into the future and tell everyone to come along? No, it´s not. It is the Intuitive Value Driver (INF). The graphics show the internal ranking. It is important to see and understand all the traits within a type.  On a scale from 0 to 6 the top five scores come from Jung´s Feeling preference. It is the Value Driver and the Team Player. The Top five traits are: Openness, Supportive, Inspiring, Good Listener and Loyalty. 

From the perceptive functions it is the Intuitive type that comes out with the strongest score. The top five scores are: Future oriented, concrete, see possibilities around every corner, grounded, and have focus on what things mean.  So, then we know, or not? It is definitely more than this. It is clear that the "best team leader" are a good mix of all the types. But it tends to move in a direction. We know that a good team leader has to move around within all the types to get the job done. But it is clear that there are some traits we like more than others within our "best" team leader.  The data in this small study are too small to conclude. But it might give an indication. For us this it is definitive a reason and motivation to investigate more. 

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